Technician and experiencer

Technician and experiencer

We believe that the experience of the experience is linked to the actual things and actual behaviors, while the technology of the technician symbolizes more general knowledge.

First of all, in practical operation, it can be seen that skilled people are inferior to experienced people in all aspects, but they usually do better than inexperienced people. By many views gained from the experience of the universal Judgment (Generic), we believe that technology was born.

Generally, we think that people with technology have a deeper understanding of this kind of thing, (in short, smarter) because their behaviors will be guided, and their starting point is reason rather than inertia. We also believe that people with technology master the ability to impart theories, but experienced people cannot teach others.

Do you want to judge whether you are good at a certain technology and a master in this field?

when you think that you can do something if others ask you but you can only tell the specific situation and specific practices, you are not a wise professor. If the universal judgment you say is not considered dialectically by yourself, you are not a Master of this event.

According to this statement, the concept of a Technologist is close to a wise man, and wisdom is also explained as knowledge about the origin and principle of things. Readers can now think about what characteristics people with high IQ have in the concept we are talking about?

from the above ideas, it is not surprising that mathematicians call them philosophers or wise men, because this discipline is based on the basic principles (Root) rather than a series of secondary disciplines.

Therefore, the more common the principle is, the more it is regarded as truth. People who think they have mastered the truth tend to be frustrated in the field of new knowledge.

Since the opinions that can be collected correspond to the infinite things, in reality, I am inconvenient to think that the universal principle of a kind of things also lacks the existence of truth because there are infinite kinds.

So when experts claim to be masters in other fields, I don't fear to think that they are not very good in this field.

The above metaphysical discussion is not to explore whether the truth exists in a pessimistic way. Instead, I want to express my praise for practical operation from the perspective of reality and the method of getting the so-called twice the result with half the effort by deeply learning the principles of things.

On the other hand, as programmers, top programmers, and technicians' technologies, they can explain the measurement of the difference in value they create.

It is not difficult to become an expert in a certain field through practice but based on the viewpoint of experience summary, it will be our goal to put forward universal fragments (.e. creation, design, and the invention of new technologies).

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